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Xbox One Series S 34990

  • Go all-digital and enjoy disc-free, next-gen gaming with the smallest Xbox console ever made
  • Xbox game Pass ultimate includes over 100 high-quality games, online multiplayer, and an EA play membership for one low monthly price (membership sold separately)
  • Play thousands of digital games from four generations of Xbox with backward compatibility, including optimized titles at launch
  • Introducing the Xbox series S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox console ever. Experience the speed and performance of a next-gen all-digital console at an accessible price point
  • Experience next-gen speed and performance with the Xbox velocity architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software

3 reviews for Xbox One Series S

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  1. Bala bala

    1. Play more than 300 games with the game pass.
    2. Frames are smoother than what I had expected. Never felt a lag in the last one year, not even once.
    3. Compatibility is at it’s best. Unlike series x/ PS 5, it fits anywhere. Easily portable.
    4. Makes no noise.
    5. Quick resume works fine for majority of games.
    Things to consider before buying (Cons only if you consider the following as cons)
    1. Storage. Got to delete the completed games which are huge in size just to download any new games. Go for SSD/expansion card if your internet connection is not that good and if you don’t have an unlimited internet.
    2. Not a 4k gaming device. If you are worried about 4k, go for series x/ ps5 and make sure you have a monitor/tv which supports 4k.
    3. Buy rechargeable batteries/xbox play and charge kit at your own expense.
    Tips – Wait for the sale to buy any digital games. Games are much cheaper during sales. You could check the xbox games price tracker to check the frequency of the offers provided by the gaming studios.

    Here are the list of some games which I had completed in the last one year. Hope you find your favourite one.
    1. Hollow knight
    2. Ori and the blind forest
    3. Ori and the will of the wisps
    4. Little nightmares
    5. Celeste
    6. My friend Pedro
    7. Control
    8. A plague tale innocence
    9. Limbo
    10. Desperados 3
    11. Fallout 4
    12. Inside
    13. Witcher 3 wild hunt
    14. Gears tactics
    15. Hellblade senuas sacrifice
    16. Cyber shadow
    17. Deadcells
    18. Nier automata become as gods
    19. Max and the curse of the brotherhood
    20. The gardens between
    21. Dishonored definitive edition.
    22. Dishonored 2.
    23. Sekiro shadows die twice
    24. Curse of the dead gods
    25. Assassin’s creed origins
    26. Raji an ancient epic
    27. The messenger
    28. Alan wake
    29. Unsighted.

    After 9 months, my left bumper stopped working(Mostly coz of Sekiro’s deflect I guess) but I claimed my warranty and received a refurbished controller. Thanks to Microsoft’s warranty. All you have to do is register your device.

    xbox profile – balagct

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  2. Adarsh

    Better upgrade your pc rather than buying a xbox, you can easily get a ryzen 3600 + 1660ti for the price (locally) and more price drops are to be expected bcoz of the new amd chips are out.
    Also why buy this handicapped xbox for 35k when PS5 digital is just 5k more? That is a better deal if you really want a console.
    But it’s better to upgrade your pc imo, sooner or later all the xbox games come to pc anyway they are NOT really exclusive to the console, upgrade your pc and have patience.

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  3. Shantanu

    I have preordered it and it will arrive by 15th November.
    So for everyone’s sake let’s talk about it.
    PS: this will be my first console so I have no bias for ps or Xbox , I just chose what was best FOR ME.
    Should you buy it or not.
    1. The USD to rupee conversion and it costs more in India: it is there for every product that comes from the US, even the iPhone has this disparity. It is clearly because of all the tax n duty. But can you do anything about it? No. Will it change? No. Does ps5 has that issue too? Yes. So let’s stop complaining about something this n accept that this is how it is.
    2. Is it more powerful then the Xbox one X: yes it is n every aspect, remember that the one X is at least a 5 year old console n the processing power of series S is at par with the series X(the flagship model). The only difference is in terms of resolution and gpu power(the reason being it does not need to do 4K). The series S can display up to 1440p that is 2k at 120fps in some games like gears 5. Majority of the games run at 1080p 60fps and all the games that are make by Xbox or it’s studios will run at 1440p 60fps. Now how many of us have a 4K TV at home. So 1440p is ok for me.
    3. Remember that digital games are expensive: Like around Rs 4000 per games unless there is a sale. So Xbox has the game pass for that, a Netflix like the monthly subscription which give u more than 100games to play for free. So if u buy ps5 digital then you will have to buy all its exclusive games at rs 4000 as it doesn’t have such subscriptions. So if u want to buy a ps5 , I think buying a disk version is better as u can get disks for cheap.
    4. I am a working guy and I keep on moving either flats or different city based on my job. N this is so small that I can put it in my bag pack n take it with me like a laptop n plug it into any screen n play.
    5. Main problem is SSD size or storage. It’s just 364gb. Which is less my friends. So Most of the AAA games like farcry, assassins creed, watch dogs are like 60fb each. N some casual games are like 40gb each. So in a single go you can have 3 big game and 3 casual games at once. Now for me I don’t need more that that . Yes I will buy an external hard disk drive to store my games when I finish them as I don’t want to uninstall them n have the hassle to reinstall them again. I can just transfer games form the hard disk. N how many of you play more than 4games at once . I tend to focus of one game story at a time. But remember big games like Halo n cod are 100gb types so keep that in mind.
    So if u are ok with the storage problem and is ok with getting an external hard disk later to store games n just do that transfer to and fro whenever u wish to play which will take like 10-15mins to transfer games u r good to go.

    Also YouTube has make legit gamers who have reviewed this so please go check those out before deciding. As I have done my research n this Xbox series S fit in my budget and needs so I bought it. All I can say is performance won’t be an issue. Rest I suggest do some research before you invest n see if it fits your needs. Hope I helped. Cheers.

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    Xbox One Series S
    Xbox One Series S


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